DATE: Annually in April @MIPTV
LOCATION: Cannes, France

Competition Opens: September
Competition Closes: November

Digital Program: Children & Young People

Digital Program: Fiction
Digital Program: Non-Fiction

International Emmy® Pioneer Prize

International Digital Emmy® Awards @MipTV
The tenth International Digital Emmy® Awards will take place April 2015 at MipTV in Cannes, France. The competition opened September 4, 2014, and closed November 4, 2014.

Categories Presented: Digital Program: Children & Young People; Digital Program: Fiction; Digital Program: Non-Fiction

2014 International Digital Emmy® Awards Nominees
Nominations for the 2014 International Digital Emmy@ Awards span ten countries : Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Portugal, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Click here to see the full list and click here for the Press Release.

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2014 International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV

The ninth edition of the International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV took place on Monday, April 7, 2014 during the opening festivities.

The ceremony was attended by over 300 international executives from the television, broadband, and mobile industries, organized in partnership with Reed Midem and sponsored by the Bell Fund of Canada.

There were 12 nominees in 3 categories, Digital Program: Children & Young People; Digital Program: Fiction and Digital Program: Non-Fiction. The Nominations spanned ten countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Portugal, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Winners came from Kenya (Children & Young People), Australia (Fiction) and the United Kingdom (Non-Fiction). The Pioneer Prize was presented to YouTube, with Alex Carloss, Head of Entertainment accepting.

Shujaaz.FM Reloaded (Well Told Story) a multi-media communications platform that inspires young people to become entrepreneurs and raise awareness about challenges they encounter in their daily lives, won the Children & Young People category for the second time. Shujaaz.FM, the first installment of the show, won in 2012.

(Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) / Ludo Studio P/L) a digital crowd-sourced comedy series that challenges Australia's most popular YouTube creators, won the Fiction category.

D-Day: As It Happens
(Windfall Films and Digit London for Channel 4) a 24 hour event, in which viewers could follow the lives of seven real people in 1944, across TV, the web, and Twitter, in real time, won the Non-Fiction category.

All nominated programs were showcased at MIPCube, during a special session, sponsored by the Bell Fund of Canada and designed to give MIPTV participants the opportunity to see excerpts of the programs and meet the nominees. 

Currently, the Digital categories run on a different cycle to other award categories.
Click here for a full list of International Emmy® Awards Categories and Awards Cycles.

      2012 International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV

      The 2012 International Digital Emmy Awards took place Sunday April 1, 2012. Three Emmy Awards were presented:

      Digital: Children & Young People - (Kenya)
      Digital: Fiction - Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode (Canada)
      Digital: Non-Fiction - Live From the Clinic (United Kingdom)

      Click here for 2012 winners release

      2013 International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV

      The 8th edition of the International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPTV  took place on Monday, April 8, 2013 during the opening festivities. Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise,  received the 2013 Pioneer Prize for his groundbreaking online thriller Cybergeddon. Emmy Awards for digital programs were presented in three categories:

      Digital: Children & Young People - dirtgirlworld...dig it all (Australia)
      Digital: Fiction - Guidestones (Canada)
      Digital: Non-Fiction - Entertainment Experience (The Netherlands)


      Embarrassing Bodies: Live
      Maverick Television / Channel 4
      United Kingdom
      Globo Amazônia: The Geoglyphs  
      TV Globo
      HIGHRISE: Out My Window - WINNER
      National Film Board of Canada
      X Factor BEASTAR
      Fremantle / TV2 Norway


      Battlefront II  - WINNER
      Raw TV / Airlock for Channel 4
      United Kingdom
      Paint Planet
      Feelgood SFT / NRK
      Reservoir Hill: Everyone Lies
      KHF Media / Television New Zealand / NZ on Air
      New Zealand
      Zorzanaat Production / TRT Çocuk
      Bell Fund


      Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy
      Submarine Channel / VPRO
      The Netherlands
      The Conspiracy for Good
      Nokia / TKE Imperative / The Company P
      United Kingdom
      Shankaboot - WINNER
      Batoota films / BBC World Service Trust
      The Voices of Araguaia
      TV Globo / Lunática Filmes / NEONET

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