Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I qualify to be a member?
Answer: A potential Member must be employed in a responsible position for a minimum of two years prior to his/her nomination in a company or organization that is either directly engaged in, or providing services to, the television and/or telecommunications industry.  The nomination of a prospective Member must be supported by at least one Director, Fellow, or Member of the Academy. 

Q: What is the application process?
A: All applicants must return a completed application to the Membership Department.  The application must be endorsed by a current member.  It is then reviewed by the Nominating Committee and, if approved, the applicants become candidates for election at the next Board Meeting. Please click here to download an application form.
Q: What are the different levels of membership?
A: Directors: executives who are actively engaged in the television and/or
    telecommunications industry; pay an annual membership of $3,500 USD
    Alternates: designated by Directors to vote in their absence (their membership fee
    is included in the Director’s annual dues)
    Members: professionals who are actively engaged in the television and/or
    telecommunications industry; pay an annual membership of $1,000 USD
    Fellows: a designation reserved for Officers or Directors who have served The
    Academy with distinction.
Q: How many members are there and who are they?
A: There are over 600 members in nearly 70 countries. Click here to see the list of members.

Q: Who can I contact for membership information?
A: Please call +1-212-489-6969

Q: Who are some of your current partners?
A: Click here to see a list of our current partners.
Q: Who do I contact about sponsorship information/opportunities?
A: Questions regarding sponsorship can be made to:
    Eva Obadia, Senior Director, Communications & Partnerships.
    Phone: 212-489-6969


Q: if i am a member of the press and i would like to cover the gala, or other events, how do i get press accreditation?
Credential Request Forms can be provided by:
    Eva Obadia, Senior Director, Communications & Partnerships.
    Phone: 212-489-6969

Awards & Judging

Q: What are the International Emmys and how do they differ from the National Emmys?
A: Whereas the various Emmy Awards competitions honor programs that are broadcast in the United States, the International Emmy is a U.S. Award presented by The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to recognize excellence in television and honors programming produced outside of the United States.

Q: Who is eligible to enter the International Emmys?
A: In order to be eligible, a program must have been originally created for television and have been predominately produced by a company that is based outside of the U.S. A program must also have a non-U.S. organization listed as the entering organization on the entry form and correspond to the category requirement on the website. A show must not have been nominated in the U.S. Emmy competition. For more information on eligibility, please see the official rules and regulations.

Q: How can a program be submitted and who can submit?
A: Production or broadcasting companies can submit programs. After reading the official rules and regulations, enter only by filling out the official entry form completely and uploading the programs

Q: Can a program that was broadcast in the U.S. enter into the International Emmy competition?
A: If the program was solely produced by U.S. companies, it is not eligible.

Q: How many rounds of judging are there and where are they held?
A: There are three rounds of judging for each International Emmy season. The preliminary round takes place in the spring; the semi-final round takes place in the summer and is hosted by Academy Members around the world; the final round takes place in September. For more information on the judging process, please click here.

Q: Is there an Official Tabulation Firm for the International Emmys?
A: All tabulations are done by the international accounting and consulting firm of Ernst & Young, LLP.

Q: How can I become a judge for the International Emmy Awards?
A: Please contact the Awards Department at

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