Competition Entry FAQ


Do I need to be a Member of the Academy to submit my program(s)?

Any non-U.S. organization or individual (i.e. a network, a local or regional television station, producer, director, or writer) may submit a program. Organizations or individuals who do not hold copyright ownership of a program must obtain consent from the rights owner before presenting a submission. This process is independent from Membership.

Can I submit my program into both the domestic and the international competition?

No. If your program is eligible in both competitions, you will have to choose which one you would like to submit your program to. Choose wisely!

My series was only made public online – e.g. YouTube, streaming service, etc. Is it still eligible to compete with programs that were broadcast on television?

Yes, as long as it was commissioned/produced by a professional media company, and made available within the eligibility dates, it’s eligible – no matter the viewing platform.

When is the deadline?

February 16, 2023 at 12 noon E.S.T.

Does the Academy pre-select the programs in the competition?

No. All eligible submissions are entered into the competition and then judged by television professionals around the world.

Do I need to submit my program through a third-party organization?

No, all programs must be submitted directly to the Academy.


My program is in English. Do I still need to subtitle it?

Yes. All dialogue, including English dialogue must be subtitled in English; the closed-caption file may be used. Subtitles must be embedded into the video and may not be submitted as a separate file.

If not in English, all on-screen text must be subtitled. This includes the names and job titles of interviewees, on-screen text message exchanges, and all chyron text.

Song lyrics must only be subtitled if they are part of the storytelling (e.g. Opera, Musical, etc.).

My program is in another language than English but contains English dialogue. Do I also need to subtitle this?

Yes. All dialogue, including English dialogue, must be subtitled.

Can I submit a separate file for subtitles? Can I submit a transcript?

No. Subtitles must be embedded into the video and may not be submitted as a separate file. Transcripts will not be accepted.


I am not sure which category my program fits best in, what should I do?

All programs are reviewed for appropriate category placement. We will contact you if we believe your program should be moved to a different category.

How many programs can I submit into one category/ into the competition?

You may enter any number of programs in each category. There is no limit to the number of programs one entrant may submit. The more programs submitted, the better the chances!

Can I enter more than one performer from my program?

Yes. You can submit your entire cast, each performer being considered as an independent submission. Please make sure that each performer complies with our Rules & Regulations, and appears in at least 10% of the episode submitted.

Can I submit my program into different categories?

A program may only be submitted into one category. This category will be checked by the Academy in order to ensure it is the most appropriate one. We will contact you if we believe a change of category is in order. Of course, if your program is a Drama Series, Comedy, or TV Movie/ Mini- Series, please feel free to also submit the actors and actresses into our Performance categories.

Fee and Payment

How much is the submission fee?

The fee is $500 per submission. Should the Academy grant you an extension (at your request) to submit your program/performer after the deadline, a $50 late fee per submission will be automatically added.

How can I pay?

Payments are only accepted online. Should you be unable to use a credit card, our accounting department will review the situation for alternative modes of payment.

Can I receive an invoice?

You may print your check-out cart before processing payment, and use this document as the official invoice.

When you submit your paid entry form(s), you will receive an automatic invoice pdf labeled "Order". That is the official document from us. You can also find the invoice pdfs in the “Payment History” tab in your Entry Form account.

Can I receive a receipt?

Once a payment is processed, you will receive an email receipt confirming the payment went through. This email will be sent to the address you provided on the entry form in the “Accounting Contact Information” section.

I made a mistake with my entry. Can I receive a refund for my entry fee?

The entry fee is non-refundable. Please make sure you read the Rules & Regulations carefully.


Where do I upload my program?

This process is detailed in the Rules & Regulations, and you will receive instructions through email upon payment of your submission(s). The Entry Forms and Upload Portal are not available on the same website. You will need to create a new account on the Upload Portal to upload your program. Please make sure to follow the instructions emailed to you.

My upload was rejected, why?

You will receive an email with the reason for which your program was rejected. The most common errors are the lack of subtitles (even English dialogue must be subtitled), lack of subtitles for chyron text (lower-thirds) or incorrect format.