JCS International Young Creatives Award

JCS International Young Creatives Award

1 Minute Video Competition for Peace

The JCS International Young Creatives Award was designed to discover, recognize and foster young talent from around the world while creating a global conversation around Peace.

The 2020 JCSI Young Creatives Awards Competition is now closed. The Competition opened July 1, 2020 and closed October 1, 2020.

The three Winners will be announced October 30, 2020.


2019 JCSI Young Creatives Award Winners

Theme: Stand Up for Peace

The three 2019 JCSI Young Creatives Awards Winners were announced October 1, 2019, and were presented with their Awards November 23, 2019 at The International Emmy® World Television Festival in New York City.



The First Round of Judging for the JCSI Young Creatives Award is by popular vote - Help Decide Who Will Make it to the Final Round!


  • What Am I Voting on? A unique 1 Minute Video on the theme "Stand Up For Peace - Everyday Heroes in these troubled times" created by young creatives aged 18-29 from across the globe.
  • When Can I Vote? Online Public Voting Closes October 16 at 12:00pm Noon (ET)
  • How Many Times Can I Vote? A person can Vote only once for any given Entry. However, they can Vote for multiple different Entries.
  • What Happens Next? Once the Online Public Voting has closed, the twenty (20) videos (One (1) per individual participant) with the most Votes on the judging portal will move on to the Final Round of Judging, along with three videos selected by the Academy. During the Final Round a panel of jurors will score the videos based on the original story illustrating the theme of the year "Stand Up For Peace - Everyday Heroes in these troubled times"; characters and how they are developed; creativity; and knowledge of craft. 
    The three Winners will be notified October 30, 2020.


Previous JCSI Young Creatives Award Winners


2019 Theme: Stand Up for Peace

"P.E.A.C.E. – a Spoken Word"

Funke Alafiatayo (United Kingdom)

"It Starts Within"

Artes Ferruni (Albania)

"Next To Me"

Breech Asher Harani (Philippines)

2018 JCSI Young Creatives Award Winners

The three 2018 JCS International Young Creatives Award Winners were announced October 3, 2018 and received their awards at the International Emmy® World Television Festival in New York City November 17, 2018. The 2018 theme was: Stand Up for Peace.

2018 Theme: Stand Up for Peace

"Mr. Peace"

Shubham Upreti (India)

"Peace is Action"

Puti Puar (Indonesia)


Raj Dutta (India)

2017 Theme: Women Peacemakers

"Domestic Cycle"

Eisa Alhabib (Kuwait)


Roberto Pino Almeyda (Chile)


Previous JCSI Young Creatives Award Winners

2018 Theme: Stand Up For Peace
Raj Dutta (India) - "TeaShirt"
Puti Puar (Indonesia) - "Peace is Action"
Shubham Upreti (India) - "Mr. Peace"

2017 Theme: Women Peacemakers
Eisa Alhabib (Kuwait) - "Domestic Cycle"
Ewing Luo (China) - "The Peacemaker from Nanking"
Roberto Pino Almeyda (Chile) - "Nosotras"

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How should I interpret the theme? Does it need to be in a specific style or genre? 
The theme, "Stand Up for Peace" can be freely interpreted. The creative content of the video and how it relates to the theme has no limit but your imagination, as long as it's your original work. Every creative will have their own point of view, and you should of course interpret the theme however you want. Any genre (fiction, non-fiction, animation etc.) is encouraged.
Should you need any inspiration, your video could:
  • show that coexistence between individuals in hostile countries is not a myth and that in every war-affected region, many people want peace.
  • demonstrate that one could find peace based on respect, unbiased friendships or mutual businesses.
  • showcase people from different backgrounds setting their differences aside.
  • be a story about artists creating together, athletes playing together, love, friendship, mutual accountability, support of one another.
These are of course only examples, and again we count on your creativity!
What if my video not exactly 60 seconds, will it still be considered? 
The video needs to be exactly 60 seconds long, not one second less and not one second more. 

Can I submit a video with dialogue in a language that is not English? 
Absolutely! However, if you do, you are required to include English subtitles in order to be eligible. 

Can I shoot this on my phone? 
Yes, feel free to shoot your video using any type of camera/device you wish. 

Can I work with my friends or production team? 
Collaborate with as many people as you want! Please note that if you win, you will need to designate one person from the team to represent the group on the trip to New York City. This one person will be credited on all materials and releases from the Academy.

I submitted a video on this theme last year and it did not win. Can I submit it again?
Yes. You may submit the same video again this year, as long as you still meet the criteria for eligibility.