Dear Entrant,

Thank you for completing your Entry form(s). You may now upload your submission(s) at http://upload.iemmys.tv using the Reference code associated to each entry.

The Reference code can be found next to your submission(s) on the “My Entries” page in your account. It also appears next to each entry on the pdf receipt that you can download here.

For any billing related questions, please contact awardsdept@iemmys.tv.

The video as well as the Performer Agreement Form signed by the submitted performer must be uploaded by February 16, 2023.

The Performer Agreement Form may be downloaded here. Please upload the signed document with the video asset. 

If this is your first submission on the online platform, you will need to create a registration to the upload site. Please note that the login and password you used to complete the online entry form are separate and will not carry over.