Da’s Liefde! [That’s Love!]



The show captures the vulnerability we all experience when it comes to love in very different and unique ways. From a first crush to a broken heart and everything in between, the show gives a scientific and emotional insight into people’s love lives.

Program Information

Shelter / Toreador

Trivia: Shelter won this category in 2018 and have also won twice in the Comedy category. This is the first Nomination for Toreador.

Executive Producer(s): Sofie Peeters, Tim van Aelst

Director(s): Maarten Verhulst, Jevon Lambrechts

Producer(s): Sofie Peeters, Ravian Van Esch

Writer(s): Anouk Paeleman, Maarten Verhulst, Shana Listes, Seppe Toremans, David Vennix, Tina Dejonghe

Principal cast: Jens Dendoncker, Lauren Versnick