Elis – Viver É Melhor Que Sonhar



Intense and visceral, Elis Regina was a protagonist not only in the Brazilian musical scene but also of her own path. She put her heart and soul into the art of singing and living, sailed through different musical genres and faced personal dramas.

Program Information

Globo / Globo Filmes / Bravura Cinematográfica / Academia de Filmes

This is the 10th nomination for Globo in this category, and the 9th nomination for George Moura; his 1st nomination was for an Arts Programming special about the same singer.

Executive Producer(s): Hugo Prata

Director(s): Hugo Prata

Producer(s): Simone de Oliveira

Writer(s): George Moura, Hugo Prata, Luiz Bolognesi, Vera Egito

Principal cast: Andreia Horta, Mel Lisboa; Caco Ciocler, Lucio Mauro Filho, Sergio Guizé, Thelmo Fernandes, Gustavo Machado, Ícaro Silva