New Zealand


Reclusive tech expert, Rose, is in lockdown and hacking stranger’s video calls – her only hit of human interaction. But when she reconnects with an old bully, Rose finds herself sharing a bubble with a ghost from her past. Rose must work out what is real and what is part of the pandemic.

Program Information

Luminous Beast

Trivia: This is the first Nomination for Luminous Beast. A series from New Zealand won for an online short form series at the International Emmy Digital Awards in 2010.

Director(s): Peter Salmon

Producer(s): Peter Salmon, Liz DiFiore

Writer(s): Dan Musgrove, Shoshana McCallum, Thomas Sainsbury, Kura Forrester, Nic Sampson

Principal cast: Morgana O'Reilly, Josh Thomson, Sam Snedden