L’Effondrement [The Collapse]



The Collapse focuses on the limits of industrial society, as eight groups of people undergo a sudden and forced energetic transition.

Program Information

Et Bim / Studio+ / Canal+ / Synchrone Media

This is the 1st nomination for Et Bim, and the 3rd nomination for Canal+ in this category. They won in 2015 with Soldat Blanc. All episodes from the Mini-Series are filmed in a single shot.

Executive Producer(s): Andréa Vistoli

Director(s): Guillaumes Desjardins, Bastien Ughetto, Jeremy Bernard

Producer(s): Ambroise Carminati

Writer(s): Bastien Ughetto, Guillaume Desjardins, Jeremy Bernard

Principal cast: Thibault de Montalembert, Lubna Azabal, Audrey Fleurot, Pascal Rebbot, Catherine Salviat, Yannick Choirat