Mil Manos por Argentina [One Thousand Hands for Argentina]



Gino is a young inventor that travels across Argentina with an incredible goal in mind: to give away 1,000 free hand and arm prostheses. As he travels north and south of the country, he will meet wonderful people and places, and accomplish his and thousands of people’s goals.

Program Information

Storylab Argentina / Atomic Lab / Flow

Storylab was nominated in the Drama Series category in 2016 for La Casa del Mar

Executive Producer(s): Diego Palacio, Nacho Viale, Miguel Angel Rodríguez

Director(s): Diego Palacio

Producer(s): Nacho Viale, Diego Palacio

Writer(s): Lucas Molteni, Diego Palacio, Nacho Viale, Gino Tubaro

Principal cast: Gino Tubaro