Kabuki Actors’ Anguish – Is Entertainment Nonessential?



Nakamura-ya is one of the oldest families in the 400-year history of Kabuki. With their performances being cancelled, Kankuro, the suzerain of the family, suffered anguish over the public opinion that “entertainment is nonessential.” So, the family decided to take on a new challenge.

Program Information

Fuji Television Network, Inc. / Kyodo Television, Ltd.

Trivia: This is the second Arts Programming Nomination for Fuji TV. They were nominated in 2008. This is the second Nomination for Kyodo Television. They were nominated in the Documentary category in 2018.

Executive Producer(s): Akira Nishimura

Director(s): Yuki Hanaeda

Producer(s): Hiroshi Goto, Keisuke Nakayama

Writer(s): Hiroshi Takeda, Tsukuru Matsuki