People Like Us – Season 2



People Like Us is a look into the lives of four gay men in Singapore. In Season 2, Joel and Ridzwan’s budding romance grows complicated while Isaac’s decadent lifestyle catches up on him. Rai meets someone special who plays hard to get. Will it be happily ever after?

Program Information

Action for AIDS Singapore / Cheo Pictures / Pilgrim Pictures

This is the 1st nomination for producers, Jen Nee Lim and Ng Ding Jie (DJ). 

Director(s): Leon Cheo

Producer(s): Jen Nee Lim, Ng Ding Jie (DJ)

Writer(s): Leon Cheo

Principal cast: Hemant Ashoka, Josh Crowe, Irfan Kasban, Steven Lim, Syaheeran Othman