Preso No.1



Mexican President Carmelo Alvarado falls victim to a conspiracy and is incarcerated. Determined to prove his innocence, recover his family, and obtain justice, Carmelo must find a way to escape prison and confront the corrupt system that brought him to power and later put him behind bars.

Program Information

Telemundo Global Studios / Keshet International

There are 3 nominations this year for Telemundo, which brings their total number of nominations to 12. They won twice (2014 & 2016). This is the 1st nomination in this category for Keshet.

Executive Producer(s): Marcos Santana (Showrunner), Mariana Iskandarani, Marcel Ferrer, Mabel Vargas, Dror Mishani, Shira Hadad, Avi Nir, Karni Ziv, Kelly Wright

Director(s): Pitipol Ybarra, Javier Patrón Fox, Javier Solar

Writer(s): Luis Felipe Ybarra

Principal cast: Erik Hayser, Arturo Peniche, Alejandra Ambrosi, Mariana Seoane, Alejandro de la Madrid, Angélica Celaya, Damian Alcázar, Otto Sirgo, Luis Gatica, Estefania Coppola