Quer o Destino [Destiny]



The story of Vitoria’s resilience, love, and vengeance in returning to the place where she was raped at 14 to be a nurse to Catarina, the rapists’ mother. When encountering her past, Vitoria will find out who murdered her father, her rapists’ identity, and the passionate and unconditional love between herself and a new love.

Program Information

Plural Entertainment Portugal

Trivia: Plural Entertainment has won this category twice.

Executive Producer(s): Francisco Antunez

Director(s): Francisco Antunez, João Gomes, Ricardo Carreira

Producer(s): Miguel Cotrim

Writer(s): Helena Amaral

Principal cast: Sara Barradas, Pedro Teixeira, Filipe Vargas, Isaac Alfaiate, Pedro Sousa, Maria José Paschoal, João Vicente, Inês Herédia, Mafalda Marafusta, Luís Esparteiro, Marina Mota