Responsible Child

United Kingdom


Based on a true story, Responsible Child follows Ray, a 12 year old boy who finds himself standing trial for murder. Told in two time frames, it follows his journey through the legal system and engages with the on-going debate around the appropriate age of criminal responsibility.

Program Information

Kudos / 72 Films / BBC Two

This is the 3rd nomination for Kudos in this category, they won in 2016 for Capital and in 2018 for Man in an Orange Shirt. The main actor, Billy Barratt is also nominated.

Executive Producer(s): Karen Wilson, Katie McAleese, Mark Raphael

Director(s): Nick Holt

Producer(s): Elinor Day, Alex Streeter

Writer(s): Sean Buckley

Principal cast: Billy Barratt, Michelle Fairley, Tom Burke, Owen McDonnell, Stephen Campbell Moore, Shaun Dingwall, Debbie Honeywood, James Tarpey