Terug naar Rwanda [Back to Rwanda]



Back to Rwanda is a documentary series about the Rwandan genocide told through 5 personal stories. In 2019, it was exactly 25 years after the plane of Rwandan president Habyarimana was attacked and the genocide started. In 100 days, roughly 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu were brutally killed.

Program Information

De Chinezen Nv / VRT Canvas

This is the 1st nomination for De Chinezen, and the 1st in the Documentary category for VRT. 

Executive Producer(s): Harald Hauben, Mik Cops

Director(s): Steven Crombez, Johannes Bucher, Stev Van Thielen

Producer(s): Sofie Despeer

Writer(s): Joost Vandensande, Laura Uwase, Layla El-Dekmak

Principal cast: Régine, Katja, Pïerre-Henri, Sandrine, Luc, Yvonne, Appoline, Pascal, Dominique, Imana, Maria, Amanda, Victor, Laurien