Todas As Mulheres do Mundo [All the Women in the World]



A contemporary romantic comedy about love in all its form: Paulo, a bohemian dreamer that lives his relationships intensively, falls deeply for all the women he meets. He counts on the advice of his best friends to face the emotions of his accomplishments and breakups.

Program Information

Original Globoplay

Trivia: This is the sixth consecutive Nomination for Globo in this category.

Executive Producer(s): Patricia Pedrosa

Director(s): Ricardo Spencer, Renata Porto D’ave

Producer(s): Flavio Nascimento, Simone Lamose, Erika da Matta

Writer(s): Jorge Furtado, Janaína Fischer, Domingos Oliveira (Original Idea), Maria Ribeiro (Original Idea)

Principal cast: Emilio Dantas, Sophie Charlotte, Matheus Nachtergaele, Martha Nowill, Maria Ribeiro, Fernanda Torres, Lilia