Why do we Dance?

United Kingdom


This series seeks out the leading dancers and choreographers of the 21st century to explore their work and their inspirations.

Program Information

Sky Italia S.r.l./ Magnolia S.p.A.

This is the 1st nomination in Arts Programming for Sky Arts (nominated for their comedy-drama series Urban Myths in 2018 in the Drama Series category). 

Executive Producer(s): Roberto Pisoni, Barbara Frigerio, Margherita Principe, Benedetta Pinelli, Alessio Guetti

Director(s): Marco Pianigiani

Producer(s): Zoë Dobson, Alessandra Sachespi, Laura Chiara Cavaletto, Mariaromana Casiraghi, Jean Elia, Marco Panichella, Joe Scannell, Matthias Emmerich, Laura Weischenberg

Writer(s): Paolo Dago

Principal cast: Akram Khan